Tuesday, 27 November 2012

She was in China -

When She was in China is describe about the colourfull East.. There so many colors that we encounter in Asia. China is one of where we can see all the colourfull on the continent..Red, blue, green, yellow, bright colours are fairly represented..

 When She Was in China was refer to The 2 pieces of Shirt & Skirt that she able to wear in many way,
 easily to mix&match with anykind of colours arround her....

Pasttellene : A Pink-Browned Shirt with pearl button and vintage oval collar
Piletile : Midi Skirt of Tile with three of different colours

Monday, 26 November 2012

// darkheart

The Dayheart actually inspired by the shade of autumn with the cool moist air before december come..The dried leaves, twigs of wood colour is able to applied into a shirt.

  The Dayheart is Convensional Shirt with Browned Vintage Colour with Old-Basic ButtoninsideSquare Detail at Left, and Extra-Long Manset for your Hand..