ALPRISH was present "LIKE AN EARTH"  @ Jogja Fashion Week 2012 

(Right one; green cocktail dress with batik detail in right side, and flowing effet of batik on back..)

Jogjakarta was held event  for fashion, called Jogja Fashion Week 2012..and for that event,
PAPMI JOGJAKARTA was held an competition called Cipta Busana with the theme of:
Soul of Dharma..

Alprish present one design. This dress is join competition in Jogja Fashion Week 2012, and for this competition, ALPRISH present modern cocktail dress with the detail on shoulder untill waist, and also the flowing batik effet on the back of the dress..

THE SKETCH'S & their concept


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  1. Ahaiiiiiii, im the first winner in this event, dan kenal dievent ini juga kita pada akhirnya,mhahahahahahahaha.....gudlak yah brow